The Club Awards

The one and only Club Awards are literally that – the ONLY Awards which recognise this amazing sector.  In front of an audience of over 500, the UK’s top 100 clubs all vie for these exclusive accolades, now in their 21st year.  From sports clubs and social clubs to political clubs and working men’s clubs, the breadth of this hard-to-reach sector is astonishing – thus the importance of Club Mirror (45 years old) and its Awards. From a supplier’s or sponsor’s point of view,  the Club Awards can help a brand develop a high value in a sector that is truly independent, with no head office or central purchasing telling them what to stock.

The club sector is the largest sector of the independent on-trade and is worth an estimated £5bn in wet sales alone; according to market research company (formerly) AC Nielson. ACP  can help unlock that potential at our club events by offering an audience of the key buyers from the very best UK clubs.

ISA Awards

The Independent Schools Association (ISA) has a number of Awards to present each year covering an array of subjects. Prestigious without doubt. But we felt that they could reach new heights with an annual all-singing all-dancing Awards for Excellence. And that’s just what we’re doing. 

We have now launched a premier event, which will propel ISA’s Awards into a different sphere.  These are a must-attend event, applauding excellence and recognizing the consummate professionalism of ISA members.

Club Association Lunch & Awards

A new launch in 2010, we brought together Club Associations under one roof for the first ever Club Association Luncheon & Awards. This convivial lunch provides a unique (yes we love that word!) insight into who's making a difference, how and why. This event also showcases the popular “What’s my Wine” wine tasting.  

The Clubhouse Awards 

CLUBHOUSE rapidly became a must read magazine for the appealing golf sector. Now, being launched in a new guise,  we have announced the return of the much-loved CLUBHOUSE Awards.  With the likes of Wentworth, Celtic Manor and St Andrew’s previously collecting trophies at the hotly contested Awards.

By the way, the average turnover of a golf club entering the last CLUBHOUSE Awards was £1.9m.    

CLASS Bar Awards

Alchemy Contract Publishing (ACP) - under licence to William Reed - staged the 8th and 9th CLASS Bar Awards. Held annually, they were the biggest, most prestigious event for anyone associated with premium bars. With 500+ attendees,the CLASS Bar Awards combined cutting edge entertainment, a top London venue and the finest cocktails and drinks all served by top-end bartenders. And the celebr ations didn’t end there.  The infamous“official after show party” held at a top London venue was a must for all except the very faint- hearted! .