editorial - a backdrop

ACP boasts qualified and experienced editorial professionals, who produce content that will serve business needs and fuel the imagination of the readers. Engaging editorial is at the heart of our business.

editorial boards & reader panels

Account management? An integral part of our business. We work directly with editorial boards – and where editorial boards don’t exist, we can help set them up. Reader Panels? They work. From a core of 10 up to 100, our editorial panels are our fingers on the pulse, a steering force for all of our activities.

excellent editing, perfect proofing

Excellent editing, sublime subbing and perfect proofing are a given. All our copy is well-written (of course) and to house-style (haven’t got one? We’ll create it). It’s also free of irritating typoes (er... typos).

our specialist networks

We pull in talented teams to tackle the topics other companies don’t dare to reach. No market too technical, no industry too intricate; we get the best from our network of contributors and build relationships, which benefit both clients and readers.

from print to electronic media

Web delivery, e-zines and e-shots or print medium? Thanks to our experience ofonline and print content and our expertise in communications strategies, we can help you to decide which is most appropriate, in what format and in what frequency.