wonders of the web

Working with our very own web-wizards, we are now  creating, populating and managing web sites - from micro to macro.


Club Mirror's web site is currently being re-designed, offering more clubs the chance to read quickly and easily about the news and views that affect their world.  An interactive tool, it enhances the magazine (which has been acting as a surrogate Head Office since 1968) and enables us to reach even more of the UK's clubs cost effectively and with immediacy.  

Visit www.clubmirror.com


TurfTV invited us to help launch the members area of their new website, creating and populating the content.  Their subscribers run betting shops throughout the UK and - like any business - welcome business advice on everything from legislation to marketing.  The web site means they can do just that - and at a time which suits them.

Visit www.turftv.co.uk/club


As we build up towards the launch of the inaugural Independent Schools Association Awards, we are constructing a micro-site which will be access through the association's site ot independently of it. Watch this space! 

Visit www.isaschools.org.uk


Every issue of The Journal, produced with the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals, is saved as lo-res PDFs before uploading on to the main site.

Visit www.theitp.org

alchemy contract publishing 

And then there's - oh yes. Us. And who better to run our own website than - well, us. Possibly the easiest web business that we've won to date but no less enjoyable for all of that.  And we're certainly not complacent. We consider this very much work in progress... and if we don't deliver, we'll be in the embarrassing  position of having to part company with ourselves. 

Visit www.alchemycontractpublishing.co.uk